Chicago: Minimum Fare Increase for UberX & UberXL

On Tuesday July 7th 2015, Uber Chicago quietly rolled out a minimum fare increase for both UberX and UberXL car services.

Not to worry! Atleast for the majority of you Chicago riders. As of right now, We’ve only detected an increase in the minimum fare cost. So in other words, Unless you constantly request Uber rides to the next block over - Your checkbook will not notice this change. However if you’re a frequent short distance commuter, You may want to take note of this.

Here’s what we know:

  • The minimum fare for UberX increased from $2.70 to $4.00 ($1.30 increase)
  • The minimum fare for UberXL increased from $6.00 to $8.00 ($2.00 increase)


You can confirm these changes and view other information on the official Uber Chicago page. So far, Their Twitter remains silent about it - However at the same time we wouldn’t really expect them to tweet about such a small change; Which is why we’re here!



Check back often since we’re constantly monitoring for any Uber pricing changes (increases and decreases alike) around the clock.