Flashback Time - The Original Uber Blog

So, We came across something you might like.

What did we find you ask?  Uber’s original blog - Featuring posts made from the very day Uber - or should we say UberCab - went from idea; To reality.

There are 5 pages of posts made by the very founders themselves, Here’s a few we know you’ll love:


  • About UberCab (Very first blog post ever)


About UberCab - Original Uber Blog Post


  • Uber / UberCab’s very first office! …..Wow, they’ve came a long way


Uber's very first office space


  • Screenshot from Uber’s web interface - Tracking a user’s ride


Uber's Original App Screenshot


  • The very first company value: “Our goal for all UberCab users, called clients, is for you to feel like a baller every time you use UberCab” — That’s right, To feel like a baller. Now that’s gangster. UberCab was actually today’s version of Uber BLACK. What is Uber BLACK?


UberCab Original Uber Launch Benefits


  • Their very first round of funding…..$1.25 Million. Little did they know….


Uber's First Ever Funding Round as UberCab



  • Finally; The point of no return. This right here….Is the birth of Uber in all of it’s glory.

UberCab Original Uber Launch - Appstore launch


Like these posts? You’ll have to browse the actual blog:  http://ubercab.tumblr.com/ 

You may also like this startup timeline, which dug up even more founding details to create a timeline of how Uber began.



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