France: Taxi Drivers Turn Violent in Uber Protests

Paris Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

An UberPOP car flipped and torched in the streets

June 25th 2015 - Breaking news: Thousands of taxi drivers in France have literally flooded the streets and effectively shut down transportation in Paris, Marseille, and numerous other French towns in what’s being called a nationwide strike against Uber.

French police have stated that atleast 2,800 taxi drivers are taking part in today’s protests against Uber and their UberPOP service. They claim to arrested atleast one taxi driver so far - that was hurling projectiles at police.

Taxi drivers are said to be blocking off roads to airpots and popular destinations around the country. An Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch:

“Uber firmly condemns the recent acts of violence against Uber partners and their cars, perpetrated today in Paris and in other French cities; whatever the anger, violence is never acceptable. Uber wishes to underline the fact that no French court of justice has declared uberPOP illegal”

Uber Protests in Paris 2

Uber Protests in Paris 3

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