Uber Planning To Dominate The Long-Haul Trucking Business

After acquiring Otto, a self-driving semi truck startup, for over $600 million - Uber plans to completely change the way that cargo is transported around the world.

Otto is a technology startup that has been making incredible progress in building an innovative system that can be retrofitted on to current semi trucks that allow them to drive completely autonomously.

On August 18th 2016, Uber announced they have acquired Otto  in a deal worth north of $600 Million — and their ambitious plans for the company and the future of the auto industry as a whole.

Not only does this acquistion allow Uber to dive in to a whole new market, but it’s no secret that the Otto company has some of the worlds most talented developers when it comes to autonomous driving technology.

As you’ve probably heard, Uber is leading the way in the self-driven auto industry with beta tests happening right now in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By merging the talent and skills from the Otto employees, alongside the current brainiacs already working at Uber; Progress will be made at an all time high.


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