France: Uber Executives Face Possible Prison Time

Uber in Paris, France

Wednesday, September 30th 2015 - Uber has been continuously fighting lengthy legal battles in Paris (France), Seoul (South Korea) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). But later today, Two of Uber’s top executives in Paris are due to begin court proceedings accusing them of “criminal violations” which could very well lead to actual time in prison.

On July 3rd 2015, Uber suspended their UberPOP car service in France after their Interior Minister called out Uber for not respecting their laws and stated that in no way can their service operate.

There can be no conditions whatsoever. There is simply the law to respect. Period.

        - Bernard Cazeneuve, Interior Minister of France


Le Palais De Justice

Le Palais De Justice, Courtroom entrance

The two executives each face six criminal charges against themselves which range from illicit personal data storage to deceiving commerical practices and strategy. Not only do they face a potential 2 years of prison time, But they also face a €300,000 ($336,453) fine for operating transportation services when the drivers do not have a ‘professional license’.

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome & details after the trial takes place later on today (Wednesday, 9/30/2015) - So check back soon!