Taxi Driver Threatens Uber Driver & Passengers

warning: adult language/childish taxi-thug

(Ottawa, Canada) This video - uploaded yesterday (September 12th 2015) - shows a Taxi driver as he verbally threatens to both fight and kill an Uber driver and his passengers.

The taxi driver apparently drove for the company “Blueline Cab” and as you can see….holds quite the grudge against Uber. But this sure isn’t the first time taxi drivers have clashed against Uber - and it sure own’t be the last. The only thing that this driver has accomplished is confirming…yet again… that “Yellow Cabs” will soon be a thing of the past.

But if dodgy pricing & payment practices, unhygienic cars, and irritable drivers weren’t enough to make you dislike cabs; Let’s not forget the most important part. The cost of a ride. Take a look at their rates for any specific ride in Ottawa; then use Uber’s online fare estimator for that same ride…‘Nuff said.

Services like Uber are slowly but surely getting approval to operate at airports of which they were previously barred from. Recently, cab drivers expressed grave concern for their futures after Uber & Lyft were granted the right to operate at Lindbergh Field, an airport in San Diego, CA.

My favorite part? When he threatens to kill them; Then proceeds to say he’s “gonna call the cops”. Classic.