Does Uber Charge Per Person?

One of the most common questions that we hear day in & day out is “So does Uber charge you for each passenger with you?” - and it’s honestly a great question. If you remotely care about your own financials, then it’s good to know things like this.


No. You are not charged per passenger.*

* = Hopefully you realized the asterisk alongside that answer. Let me explain.

While it’s true that the cost of your fare has nothing to do with how many of your friends/passengers ride with you - there is some “fine print” to that statement that you should be aware getting a surprise charge costing you an arm and a leg.

  • Each car service option has a passenger limit to how many people are allowed to ride in the car; regardless of the actual seat count of the car - in a sense. Let me further explain…

A real-life example that I’ve personally gone through a handful of times in the past: 

Scenario -

You are with a group of friends/family members/business associates/whatever. You’re all trying to go to the same destination; but you might need to take two cars since there’s 5-6 of you guys.

Where you’re going, you want to pull up in style 🙂 - So one of you request an UberBLACK car.

You’re all aware of the 4 passenger limit per black car - so you all figure that someone else will simply have to request an additional ride.

But wait! The black car arrives to pick you up. You got lucky! It’s actually, technically, an UberSUV - a high end luxury “black car” SUV - and you had just requested a black car that supposedly could only fit 4 - but you & all of your friends can fit in this single SUV that’s now here! Score!

So you all hop in the nice SUV and you’re joyous since you all got to ride together instead of being split apart into two groups. AND you think you’re getting this all for just the price of an UberBLACK - as that’s all you had requested through the app (not an UberSUV which you technically got - as they qualify for both categories).

Sound familiar? Have you gone through this same experience? No?

Well, unfortunately when it seems too good to be true; it generally is.

After the trip is finished - you guys arrive at your destination. You quickly receive the emailed receipt from Uber. You will likely then realize that the driver took notice of the fact that you had more than the 4 passenger limit that UberBLACK has; so they are actually able to charge you for the UberSUV service instead.

Now…if you request a black car, get lucky and get picked up in a nice luxury UberSUV - which happens from time to time - and you have 4 passengers or less in the car (including you); the sly “change of car service rates” change can not and will not happen.

They can only change your rates from the UberBLACK tier to UberSUV (example still stands for other services like UberX as opposed to receiving an UberXL/SUV pickup by chance) if you have more than four passengers (including you) when you took the ride in the SUV; but you had originally just requested an UberBLACK car.