Uber’s 2015 Christmas Party

Tech companies tend to have pretty awesome holiday parties for their employees. Well, Uber is certainly doing that part right - despite being just “5 years old”. This year they rented out the entire Pier 27 cruise terminal (in San Francisco) and proceeded to host an awesome, giant “silent disco” party.

They handed out a set of headphones to anyone who wanted to hear the music and groove to the beats. This extravagant party featured a doughnut station, an open bar (which was very well stocked), and more - Uber’s CEO even brought his dog, which even dressed to impress with it’s own tuxedo.

Here are some pictures to show you what you missed!



The incredible open bar:

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The awesome buffet:

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People gettin’ down to the silent disco:

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Need some fresh air? Oh yeah…they’re at a pier.

Travis (CEO) mingling with the employees and their guests:

Travis Kalanick - Holiday Party


Now that is how you throw a party.