Uber Delivering Free Girl Scout Cookies

Yes, you read that right. Uber has announced a new short term promotion, one that you might absolutely love. It’s called UberCOOKIES and it has been launched today in a parts of Pennsylvania - including Philadelphia & Pittsburgh - and potentially might expand into a few other cities.


What is the Uber COOKIES promotion?

It is literally…. Free Girl Scout cookies. Users in parts of Pennsylvania can open up the app and request a free box of some of the most popular Girl Scout cookies to be delivered to themfor free - Thanks to a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania.

Now they are doing this for a bigger reason - Uber insists on your support for the 104th birthday of the Girl Scouts by making a donation to their council; but it’s totally not required.

As of right now, This promotion will only be available on Thursday March 10th from 11am to 3pm - and supply is limited!

So, Pennsylvania, What are you waiting for?!?!