Uber Expands Into Costa Rica - Despite Presidential Warnings


On Friday, August 21st 2015, Uber expanded their borders to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. However, This new rideshare territory did not come easily; and it may very well be short lived.

The President of Costa Rica - Luis Guillermo Solís - Is not hiding his disapproval for Uber’s takeover. President Solís spared no time in issuing a very clear & strong warning - Stating that he has directly ordered their police force to keep their eyes peeled for Uber/Rideshare drivers and cars…and issue them citations and tickets without vengeance.

Currently, There’s only one car service available for San Jose riders - and it’s none other than the wonderful UberX. What exactly is UberX?



How much do the UberX rides cost?

Here’s the current pricing structure if you’re curious as to just how much UberX rides will cost in San Jose, Costa Rica:

Base fare cost: ₡500 (USD $0.94)
Price per minute: ₡50 (USD $0.10)
Price per kilometer traveled: ₡300 (USD $0.57)
Minimum fare cost of ₡1000 (USD $1.88)

+ there’s a cancellation fee of ₡1000 (no service fees/safe ride fees)


Please not that pricing structures do change - Especially in emerging markets/new countries. You can see the up-to-date price models for all available private car services in San Jose here, and a list of any historical price changes and what they changed from here.

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