Uber Launches New Feature: Profiles For Business

Uber Business Profiles

Today, Uber made an unexpected announcement about their newest app feature - Business Profiles.

It’s a fantastic idea; Essentially you can create a seperate profile for when you’re using the app. Now you can have one profile for work, and one for play. With Uber stating that literally millions of people use their app for business travel, this will surely be popular. Want to share your opinion? Here’s the tweet announcement from the official Uber account.

The main benefits of having a seperate profile for business with this new feature are:

  • Businesses and employees can easily manage expenses for work-related travel
  • Set up a completely seperate default credit card/payment option for your business account (so you don’t accidentally pay from your own pocket!)
  • Add notes to your ride so you can remember why you needed to take that specific ride
  • Have Uber ride receipts go directly to your work email instead of yours
  • You can seperate your social life and information from your work life


Here’s how you can switch between your “work” and “fun” profiles on the app:


Switch between business profile in Uber app


And for added fun bonus - You can also create custom badges for each profile! Here’s an example of what you can expect regarding that.


Custom Uber profile badges



Want to know more? Here’s the official announcement post that they made! Both of the above animated images were from this page as wellhttp://newsroom.uber.com/2015/11/business-profiles/