Uber Launches in Killeen, Texas


The newest city in Uber’s arsenal, and the first expansion of July 2015: Killeen, Texas. We won’t hold it against you if you’ve never heard of Killeen; With a population of just over 127,000 - it’s the 21st most populated city in Texas - But it’s full of Uber love.

Here’s a handy service area map, Courtesy of Uber’s official announcement page:


(click to expand)

As of right now they’re only offering UberX services - But just like the majority of other U.S. cities, You can expect the options to grow in no time.

The current UberX pricing for Killeen is as follows:

  • Base fare of $1.90
  • $0.25 per minute (if traveling slow or sitting in traffic)
  • $1.75 per mile (otherwise)
  • $1.00 safe ride fee
  • Minimum fare cost is $2.90
  • $5 ride cancellation fee

You can view more official details on their city page.