Uber Launches Completely Redesigned Rider App

Redesigned Uber app for riders

Your entire experience as a rider using the Uber app is about to do a complete 180 with what can only be described as a completely overhauled application, completely reworking the way Uber works and vastly improving your overall user experience.

You’ll know that the update has rolled out to your phone the moment you open it up and witness the aesthetically pleasing way it launches:

Launching the redesigned Uber app

You’ll notice that you’re asked a single question, “Where to?.

The app will utilize machine learning to get familiar with you, as an individual, and over time will cater your home screen to easily hail a ride to your common destinations in that area that you’ve used in the past – where it anticipates you’ll be going – with a single tap.

Uber upfront pricing comparisons with redesigned app

Once you’ve chosen your destination you’ll be able to see and choose from the car options you have to get to where you need to be, along with the upfront price for each of those car services.

Is there still surge pricing? Do the upfront prices display current surges?

  1. Yes, fares will still encounter surge pricing when there is an abnormally high amount of ride requests, and not enough drivers in the area.
  2. No, the actual surge percent increase (how much more you’re paying for the ride compared to what it normally costs) will not be shown. You’ll simply see a noticeably higher “upfront price” than what it would normally cost if there wasn’t a surge at that time.

It’s up to you to know what the “normal” fare is for that specific ride to know if you’re paying fluctuated costs due to any current surges. Which many veteran riders are already not too excited about.

There is a workaround – A way to see if you’re paying more than you should be. Unfortunately it cannot be done through the app itself, but if you simply plug in the same route on UberEstimate.com’s fare estimator and surge checker you’ll not only be alerted to actual surges at that time, but you can see exactly how much of a surge it is.

If there’s no surge at the moment, you’ll see what the “normal” fare for that ride is (so in the future you’ll know right off the bat whether it’s surging or not).

Personalized route experience during each ride

When you’re actually on a ride you’ll get your very own personalized experience right there on the same screen.

You can connect apps and manage the apps you already have connected, order UberEATS to arrive at your destination, split the current fare with the person you’re with, share the status of your current trip with others, and much much more.

It’s safe to say that you’re about to love Uber more than ever before!