Uber’s Top Competitors & Rivals

We’ve been asked time and time again “Who exactly are the top competitors of Uber?” - Well today, we have researched the industry enough to bring you this compiled list. The answer sure varies from country to country, But here’s an unbiased worldwide look at it all.

In order of the current worldwide rival status & overall potental:


1) Lyft

Lyft Rideshare Logo

Currently only operating in the United Statest (61+ of the top metro city areas throughout the country) - We have a seperate article with accurate Lyft statistics and Uber vs. Lyft comparison in general.

They have received an addition $1 billion of investments (from a total of 26 people) from their current 8 rounds of investing. As of right now, Lyft (~$4B) is roughly 1/7th as valuable of a company as Uber (~$30B).

Official Twitter account: @Lyft - 138k followers - Here’s Justin Bieber giving Lyft a shot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFNe9ZKAiCQ



2) BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar Rideshare Logo

BlaBlaCar boasts over 20,000,000 members & currently operates in 19 countries, U.S. not (yet) included. They acquired the domain name Carpooling.com which now conveniently redirects to BlaBlaCar.com. They have currently received over $335M in funding.

They have been valued at over a ~$1.2B company valuation. BlaBlaCar is more of a long-ters “Amtrak” style rideshare company; With their average rides exceeding 200 miles each.


3) Didi Kuaidi

Didi Kuaidi Rideshare Logo

China’s top rideshare company which was made up of the two largest taxi competitors that were already working there. Over $4.4 billion of funding received from more than 7 rounds of investments. They have also invested hundreds of millions of dollars into Lyft, Uber’s top American competitor.

Didi and Lyft actually plan to sign a partnership agreement in early 2016 which will essentially allow Lyft users to request a Didi when they travel to China, and vice versa.



4) GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi Rideshare Logo

The top “Uber” in Southeast Asia. Didi Kuaidi has not only invested in Lyft, But they’ve also dumped over $350M into GrabTaxi as well. They’re out for blood - and they’re doing whatever it takes to bring Uber to the ground.

The operate and one might say…”dominate”…in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. They actually just launched their very first peer-to-peer “Carpooling” car services in an attempt to take another stab at Uber’s growing success.



These details were last unpdated on 11/11/2015 - We’ll constantly keep it up to date so check back soon!