UberCHOPPER Arrives in Las Vegas - Costs $99

Today, Uber surprised us all with the release of UberCHOPPER in Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) - an extremely popular annual convention where some of the top tech guru’s collaborate and share.

Requesting the service will get you a ride to a heliport at McCarran Airport, and a ~15 minute helicopter flight over the Las Vegas Strip & surrounding area. Uber partnered with Mavericks Helicopters to make this all happen.

Uber Chopper - Main

Best of all? It’s a flat-rate fee of $99.

This limited time promotion they’re offering is just under $100. The ride to the airport, the helicopter flight, and a ride back to your original nearby pickup location. Oh and there’s also a complimentary WiFi ride service, targeting the CES crowd as well; it’s essentiall your typical UberX service - but the car will have a free WiFi hotspot for you to use. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

Here’s a screenshot of this delightful new feature when locals open up the app:

Las Vegas UberCHOPPER - CES

What do you think? Would you drop a cool $100 for this unique experience?