UberLUX Launches in Austin, TX



Today (August 8th 2015), Uber announced a new car service for riders in Austin, Texas - And it’s none other than UberLUX! For those that don’t know, UberLUX is like Uber BLACK on steroids. What is Uber BLACK?

How much does UberLUX cost?

Here’s the current pricing model for UberLUX in Austin. View all current Uber prices for Austin, TX here.

  • Base fare cost of $5.00
  • Cost per each mile traveled: $3.75
  • There’s a cancellation fee of $10.00
  • And a $1.00 (per ride, total) safe ride fee
  • And last but not least, A minimum fare cost of $10.00


What exactly is Uber LUX?

UberLUX is a premium car service; Taglined “Ultimate Luxury” by Uber. It can seat up-to 4 passengers, And get you to your destination in the utmost style by a professional driver. To give you an idea of what kind of car might pick you up when you request an UberLUX, Here’s a small list of approved vehicles for Uber LUX:

  • Mercedes S-Class
  • BMW 7-Series
  • Jaguar’s
  • Audi A8
  • Tesla Model S & More

Uber is offering $5 off your first UberLUX ride (Austin, TX riders only) - Just enter the code AUSTINLUX in the payment tab. More information

Have fun, Austin!