So, What Exactly Is Uber Puppies?

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One of the most popular “different” questions we receive is What are Uber Puppies? - and we’re glad you asked! So we’re here to (hopefully) answer all your questions.

About Uber Puppies

  • Made working alongside Animal Planet to promote their Puppy Bowl (and of course help promote Uber)
  • Uber partners with local animal shelters - originally in 10 U.S. cities - and now in many more areas including Austin, TexasAmman, Jordan and Beirut, Lebanon as of recently!
  • The Puppy Bowl is a huge televised event which promotes adopting animals from shelters

Essentially you can open up their app and request the Puppy option. Only this time, instead of getting a ride somewhere, Someone will bring you puppies to play with for (about) 15 minutes! Their “snuggle fee” costs $15-30 and it actually goes straight to a local shelter/organization

They have actually been available in numerous cities throughout the span of 2015 - But it doesn’t last for ever! They “move on” quickly, so make sure to get your puppy delivery while you can…before they move on to the next city!

Here’s a good TMZ video on #UberPUPPIES:

And here’s a great action shot showing you just what it’s like to get your own snuggle time 🙂

Uber Puppy Bowl pic